Organizational Workshops

We provide organizational-level workshops to improve your program performance and increase cultural competency at your agency. Contact us to discuss the needs of your organization.


Logic Modeling Your Way to Program Improvement: Developing a Framework for Planning and Evaluation

Logic model development has become a notable best practice for conceptualizing, monitoring and evaluating program performance. Logic models tell the story of a program, how it is intended to impact the consumers who are served, and desired program outcomes and outputs. Intended for program and system management, as well as quality improvement staff, this training will define the purpose, benefits, and components of logic models, as well as strategies for developing and using them as a management and evaluation tool. Examples of specific logic models will be presented and discussed. Interactive group activities will be conducted to develop participant competencies in the development and application of logic models, using both simple and advanced case studies.


Organizational Cultural Competence: Assessment and Practical Implementation in Community Mental Health Settings

Organizational cultural competence refers to the capacity of an agency to structure its policies, procedures, organizational values, and services to work effectively within the cultural frame of reference of the populations served. It involves a developmental and evolutionary process whereby organizations move along a continuum towards increasing their capacity to meet the needs of the populations served. This multi-faceted training and consultation is designed to help leadership begin the process of readying their organizations to build cultural competence from the inside out. The program includes an orientation and planning process for leadership, practical strategies for frontline staff, and on-going consultation intended to help agencies assess and address their own unique needs.


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